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Omegak Heart Attack Defender Reviews

by on May 3, 2017

The product developers say that there are four signs you must look at before heart attack. After the fact, you will most likely see people biting the dust.


What’s the purpose of this frighten statistic? The makers of Heart Attack Defender want to persuade you to purchase their supplement. The supplement utilizes krill oil – which is rich in omega unsaturated fats – which lessens your danger of encountering a heart attack.


Other noted advantages of Heart Attack Defender include:

  • — Lower Triglyceride and Bad Cholesterol Levels
  • — Reduced Joint Pain and Stiffness
  • — Reduced Blood Pressure
  • — Improved Blood Sugar Control
  • — Increased HDL (Good Cholesterol) Levels
  • — Reduced Muscle Aches and Soreness

The supplement is valued at $67 per bottle. It’s sold under the name “OmegaK”, yet is regularly promoted as Heart Attack Defender.

  • 1 Bottle: $67
  • 3 Bottles: $149.85
  • 6 Bottles: $239.70


How Does Heart Attack Defender Work?


Heart Attack Defender contains a formula called OmegaK. OmegaK is a krill-oil based wholesome formula that contains large amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 unsaturated fats – both of which have been connected to better cardiovascular health.


OmegaK was made with the objective of tackling a vital issue in the health supplement industry: we realize that fish oil supplements are beneficial for you since they contain large amounts of omega unsaturated fats.

In any case, we likewise know they can harm your well-being over the long haul since they contain small measures of mercury and different poisons that are collected through the evolved way of life in fish.


Krill, which are on the base rungs of the sea’s evolved way of life, aggregate less mercury and less poisons than fish. Along these lines, when you transform krill into an omega unsaturated fat supplement, you wind up with greatest medical advantages and no significant drawbacks.


The krill utilized as a part of OmegaK originates from the profound seas around Antarctica. Krill are small shrimp-like animals best-known for being whale nourishment. As of late, krill have been seen in different wholesome supplements.


Heart Attack Defender Ingredients

This is what the OmegaK ingredients list:

Ordinarily, when you purchase an omega unsaturated fat supplement, it records the correct measure of EPA and DHA unsaturated fats you’re getting in each dosage.


Heart Attack Defender claims to give you “ultra-strong EPA and DHA” in each serving: it doesn’t clarify the amount of it.

We realize that you’re getting 1000mg of equation altogether, yet the breakdown of EPA/DHA is unknown.


By the way, 1000mg is a high measurement for OmegaK. The American Heart Association prescribes 900mg of EPA+DHA aggregate for every day to anticipate coronary illness, which puts Heart Attack Defender simply over the suggested measurement.


Science Behind Heart Attack Defender

OmegaK has distributed various research-based advantages of krill oil here:

That page is loaded with various logical references and productions from authentic therapeutic diaries.


These reviews for the most part strengthen krill oil and fish oil contain comparable levels of omega unsaturated fats and give comparative advantages.


One issue with Heart Attack Defender’s “Exploration” page is that the supplement itself has not even once been contemplated. Different reviews have occurred on krill, yet no reviews have occurred on the particular krill recipe utilized as a part of Heart Attack Defender/OmegaK.


Eventually, this implies there’s definitely no confirmation that OmegaK will act as guaranteed. Until we see major clinical trials or logical reviews, it’s difficult to check the intense cases made by the creators of OmegaK.


Who Makes OmegaK Heart Attack Defender?


Heart Attack Defender is made by an organization named OmegaK, Inc.

That organization is based at 3959 Van Dyke Rd #148 in Lutz, FL 33558.


OmegaK was established by a person named Jim Strong. At Jim’s About Us page, he clarifies how he’s been dedicated to enhancing cardiovascular well-being since he was young when he saw his dad having a heart attack.

He calls it the most influential occasion of his life.


Confidently claims that he began OmegaK on the grounds that he’s “set to help counteract 100,000 heart attacks for each year”.

Nutrition in United States is on the decline and to perform well informed people are using supplements. These might be cognitive enhancers like Brain plus IQMax Synapse or Alpha Levo IQ .Or general food supplements & heart attack prevention supplements like OmegaK heart attack defender.

If you are looking for a supplement which has ingredients proven to prevent heart attacks then this supplement can be for you.

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