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Dog Potty Patch Real Grass

by on March 30, 2017

Dog Potty Patch Real Grass Review

Imagine if your dog had their own indoor toilet – a place where they could go when they needed to without worrying that you would yell at them. You would just call it by a fancy name like Dog Potty Patch Indoor Grass. This is just what the Pet potty patch is. It is a small piece of artificial grass that they know is theirs and can use when they need to.

Dog Potty Patch Real Grass

What Is This Dog Potty Patch Real Grass?

The Pet potty patch is a three-tiered indoor toilet area for your dog. It uses anti-microbial materials in the artificial grass to help eliminate odors.

The urine flows through the grass, through a grate and down into a tray that is easily cleaned. When you buy this product online, you will get a much better price than you would in the stores, and you can also buy replacement grass in case your grass wears out or needs to be replaced.

This is the kind of product that you may want to keep out in your home all the time, just in case the mood strikes your dog, or you can bring out just for when you know you won’t be home for a while.

Will My Dog Use Indoor Pet Potty Patch?

Obviously, not every dog will take to it, but you will find that most of them will.

Whether you start using the Pet potty patch as a way to initially train your puppy or as a way to stop your dog from going to the bathroom all over the house, you will appreciate all of its features as soon as you start using it.

First of all, it is made from three individual layers that help the urine flow through to the bottom. This means that you won’t have to touch it, and it also won’t be near children.

As soon as you realize that your dog has used his special patch of grass, you simply empty it out. After a while, you can hose off each of the individual parts to get it even cleaner.

When you order this product online directly from the manufacturer’s website, you will get a special high grade of anti-microbial grass that is even safer and will prevent odors from building up.

Even if your dog uses the Pet potty patch on a regular basis, it won’t start to smell, and it will look as good as new. If you want a place for your animal to go to the bathroom safely indoors, then this is it.

Will Dog Pet Potty Patch Grass Work?

It certainly will work wonders for you and your pup! Now, you will have to give your dog a few days to get used to it and learn what you want him or her to do on it.

Indoor Pet Potty Patch

However, this process of getting the dog used to using the patch is much easier than having to trek outdoors numerous times a day and wait until your dog is ready to “go.”

Your dog will certainly get the hang of using it, and then you and your pup will be able to enjoy an easier and hassle-free life without indoor accidents and mess.

Another benefit is that your dog will not have to hold urine and be uncomfortable for extended periods of time while you are away from home.

Before you try it for yourself, take some time to read a few Pet potty patch reviews from real users to see what people are experiencing when they put this patch to use.

My Bichon Frise, which happens to be notoriously difficult to house train, now makes a beeline for her patch whenever she needs to go. It took me three weeks to get her used to it.

Do You Want To Give Dog Potty Patch Grass a Try?

Reading some Pet potty patch reviews that explore the incredible benefits you and your pet can enjoy will no doubt inspire you to give it try in your own home.

You will want to be sure to get yours online from the manufacturer’s website to take advantage of a special offer available. This offer gives you a free upgrade to a model with microbial, ultra-plush grass with double the number of blades, a value worth $60!

A lot of potty products are out in the market today all claiming to end your worries and difficulties regarding the maintenance of your household and your pet.

Pet potty patch doesn’t miss the bandwagon and presents itself in a way that would get you to stop and take notice.

It is simply made of 3 tiers that helps keep your pets’ waste locked in a holding crate preventing unwanted mess and accidents. The top layer is made of soft artificial grass that allows liquid to pass through.

The mid layer is a grate that keeps the grass dry and above any liquid while the most significant part is in the third tier where a collection tray holds all the liquid that allows multiple uses.

One pet owner who shared her opinion on different Pet potty patch reviews liked the fact that an artificial grass is at the top layer which makes it appealing for dogs to use.

You wouldn’t coax your pets too hard since they can get familiar with its use right away.

There are 2 sizes available that caters to your average sized or larger dogs although pet store owners or veterinarians don’t have a much bigger option for heavy duty or commercial use.

This product is more suitable for homeowners whether it be an apartment, regular house or condominium.

Customers found the free upgrade to a super plush anti-microbial grass with double blades to be a good deal. Most pet owners also found the product easy to clean and maintain but there were those who reportedly claim that the artificial grass pad takes a long time to dry.

It would be a good option to get an extra one as a substitute while cleaning the other.

Change of season and weather would no longer be an issue since you no longer have to bring your dog outside. It’s also perfect for busy pet owners who go to work daily and are already tired of going home to a messy and smelly household.

It’s a reliable product to say the least but still you will encounter other Pet potty patch reviews that say otherwise. It’s now up to you to put it to the test.

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